Behavioral Training…

The Trey Clark Method

Every dog is different. Every home is different. Just like us each dog is an individual with its own personality and motivations. Many times a dog is trained to live in a training facility, on the trainer’s schedule, and treated like every other dog in the facility.

Trey Clark listens to your needs and desires, sees your dog acting out in your home, and then takes your dog to live in his home for several weeks. The dog becomes his family member during this time, obeying house rules, and working on achieving the behavior its owner desires.

Trey only trains one to two dogs at a time, allowing your dog to live in a home with constant supervision. Trey is like a shepherd watching over your dog 24/7. He teaches your dog good manners, helping them become the family member you always wanted.

During the time your dog is living in his home, Trey is in frequent contact with the owners, giving daily updates on the progress the dog is making and frequent videos. Owners have commented that they love the videos which depict their dog behaving the way they desire. Trey often will FaceTime with the owner so they can see their dog realtime and say hello.

Since teaching a dog is a process, Trey quips that no dog ever actually graduates. Upon returning the dog to your home, Trey spends several hours with all the family members and other pets to incorporate the dog into the environment and show family members how to continue the training process.

It is a lifetime commitment with a dog. After the training time, Trey is available to talk with owners, give advice, and will stop by if needed to reset the dog.

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