Dogs Bolting…

Teaching Maggie to stay put off the leash. Most dogs get hit by cars when they bolt out the door. Very important: Once they have gotten away from you, YOU ARE NO LONGER CHASING AFTER THE DOG… YOU ARE STOPPING TRAFFIC! If they are headed for the street, IMMEDIATELY look for cars and flail your arms for any cars to stop or slow down. They’ll look around and see that there is a dog loose, and everyone behind them will slow down also. You aren’t catching any dog in a full sprint. Stop the traffic, then get the dog. (More on that later) This is an exercise that if you do 5-10 minutes a day (start with a leash), you will get your dog to relax around a lot of commotion. “TREY CLARK’S DOG HOUSE” opens Nov 1st for 24/7 boarding, daycare and basic training. 2107 Lexington at 59 & Shepherd near downtown Houston. 832-498-7290. Be kind to animals. Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Cheers!


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