Trey Clark’s Dog House

It’s like nothing you’ve seen before… “TREY CLARK’S DOG HOUSE”. 2107 Lexington (59 & Shepherd) – Houston, TX. Limited memberships with 24/7 boarding, daycare and basic training. No late

Dogs Bolting…

Teaching Maggie to stay put off the leash. Most dogs get hit by cars when they bolt out the door. Very important: Once they have gotten away from you,

Claiming Personal Space

Claiming personal space.

Leash Training: Daily Exercise

Leash training is at the foundation of behavioral dog training.

Personal Space: Children’s Safety

Creating personal space keeps the dog from crowding or rushing small children.

Evaluating Dogs: Planning Their Training

Evaluating dogs is key to planning their training.

Dog Bites: Usually from a Dog You Know

Dog bites are rarely from an unknown dog. Watch this video on how to properly hold a dog to avoid a dog bite.