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Truthfully, it’s About You…Every dog owner wants a pet that fits into his or her home and lifestyle. A dog with good manners is the first step to a long and happy relationship. This site has been developed to help dog owners have the pet they always envisioned.

Trey Clark

Behavioral Dog Trainer

Trey Clark is passionate about everything he does. Long hours as a restauranteur, and on the road for more than a decade as a Texas Country Music artist, Trey jokes that he wanted his children to know what he looked like. He asked himself, “what would I do if money didn’t matter? Dogs!” was the immediate response.

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Always known to be “good with dogs” Trey Clark honed his skills. Clark’s dog training is unique in that it is like a shepherd watching over the flock 24/7, rather than a trainer shouting commands the dog must obey in order to get a treat.

Trey Clark Behavioral Training is a lifestyle, not a training method. He gets to know the dogs and their owners, and tailors the training to the dog’s personality and the owner’s desires. “It’s not just about the dogs,” Clark explains. “When I got into this I didn’t realize what a difference I was making in the lives of the dog owners and their families. It’s very humbling.”

“I was put here to serve. I want everyone in my life to get the best of everything I have to offer. Food, music, and dog training came easily to me. Realizing I was making a difference with the families of the dogs I was training was an unexpected curveball, to say the least,” says Clark.

Trey Clark’s signature statement says it all, “Be kind to animals. Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Cheers!”

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